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  • Hana Soukupova: IMG -> Ford, NY (17/08/2017)
    Czech supermodel Hana Soukupova is back in NY with Ford NY. Hana is also with Marilyn Paris, The Squad London and Why Not Milan. Ford NY has two new ex-Society guys (@kwokkanchan and @anthonybourgois) and is definitely the agency to keep an eye on... (courtesy...
  • Mona Johannesson: IMG -> Next, NY (16/08/2017)
    Swedish model Mona Johannesson is now also represented by Next NY. Mona already joined Next Paris, London and Milan last year. (courtesy of Eurowoman Magazine / famousfix.com)
  • Marga Esquivel: Elite -> Premier, London (14/08/2017)
    Filipino model Marga Esquivel switched from Elite London to Premier. Marga is also with Women Paris+Milan and Women/360 NY. (courtesy of MAC / Miles Aldridge / models.com)
  • Jamily Meurer: DNA -> Major, NY (14/08/2017)
    Brazilian model Jamily Meurer switched from DNA to Major NY. Jamily is also with Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire US / David Schulze / models.com)
  • Kate King: Marilyn -> Fusion, NY (14/08/2017)
    Canadian model Kate King switched from Marilyn NY to Fusion. Kate is also with Marilyn Paris, Select London and Brave Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Mexico / Martin Lidell / models.com)
  • Tatjana Patitz: Trump -> New York Model Mgmt, NY (14/08/2017)
    Iconic supermodel Tatjana Patitz switched from Trump to NYMM. Tatjana is also with Viva Paris+London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire Italia / Jan Welters / models.com)
  • Patricia van der Vliet: Select -> The Hive, London (14/08/2017)
    Dutch model Patricia van der Vliet switched from Select to The Hive London. Patricia recently joined Women/360 in NY and she is also rep by Elite Paris+Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Vietnam / Choi Yongbin / models.com)
  • Nadja Giramata: Trump -> Elite, NY (10/08/2017)
    French model Nadja Giramata switched from Trump to Elite NYC (Direct division). Nadja is also with Marilyn Paris and Elite Milan. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Mark Pillai / models.com)
  • Tiana Tolstoi: Trump -> Marilyn, NY (09/08/2017)
    French model Tiana Tolstoi switched from Trump to Marilyn NY. Tiana is also with New Madison Paris, Models 1 London and Fashion Milan. (courtesy of French Revue / Thierry Le Goues / models.com)
  • Ansley Gulielmi now also @ Storm, London (09/08/2017)
    American model Ansley Gulielmi is now also represented by Storm London (New Faces division). Ansley is already with Ford Paris+NY. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Mert & Marcus / fashnberry.com)


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