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  • Vika Falileeva: Silent -> Premium, Paris (19/06/2017)
    Russian model Vika Falileeva switched from Silent to Premium in Paris. Vika recently joined Elite NYC and is also with Premier London and Fashion Milan. (courtesy of Allure Russia / Olaf Wipperfürth / models.com)
  • Anastasia Lagune: Storm -> Milk, London (17/06/2017)
    Latvian model Anastasia Lagune switched from Storm to Milk London (Women division). Anastasia is also with Premium Paris. (courtesy of French Revue / Thierry Le Goues / models.com)
  • Samantha Ellsworth now @ Women, Paris (17/06/2017)
    American new face Samantha Ellsworth is now represented by Women Paris (Development division). Samantha (sister of new face Danielle Ellsworth) used to be with Next NY+Milan and has already shot with Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia and Willy Vanderperre...
  • Nastya Kusakina: Women -> The Fabbrica, Milan (15/06/2017)
    Russian model Nastya Kusakina switched from Women to The Fabbrica Milan. Nastya is also with Women Paris and Elite NY. (courtesy of W Magazine / Benjamin Lennox / models.com)
  • Leila Nda: Women -> Elite, NY (15/06/2017)
    Belgian model Leila Nda switched from Women to Elite NY. Leila is also with Women Paris, Models 1 London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of L'Officiel Malaysia / Tak Sugita / models.com)
  • Nina Agdal: Elite -> IMG, London (15/06/2017)
    Danish model Nina Agdal switched from Elite to IMG London. Nina is also with IMG NY. (courtesy of ELLE Kazakhstan / Masha Maltsava / models.com)
  • Yumi Lambert: The Squad -> IMG, NY (15/06/2017)
    Belgian model Yumi Lambert switched back from The Squad to IMG London. Yumi is also with IMG Paris, NY and Milan. (courtesy of Air France Madame / Philip Gay / models.com)
  • Rosie Tupper: Next -> IMG, London (14/06/2017)
    Australian model Rosie Tupper switched from Next to IMG London. Rosie is also with Next Paris. (courtesy of Madame Figaro / Richard Ramos / models.com)
  • Annie Tice: State -> Heroes, NY (13/06/2017)
    American model Annie Tice switched from State to Heroes NY. Annie is also with Oui Paris, Models 1 London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of NYT Style Magazine / Karim Sadli / models.com)
  • Alma Durand: Fusion -> One, NY (13/06/2017)
    French model Alma Durand switched from Fusion to One NY. Alma is also with Oui Paris and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Mixte / Jem Mitchell / models.com)


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