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  • Izabel Goulart: Women -> Elite, Milan (24/06/2017)
    Brazilian supermodel Izabel Goulart switched from Women to Elite Milan. Izabel is also with Women Paris, Supreme NY and Elite London. (courtesy of Numéro/ Anthony Maule / models.com)
  • Clarence Tennessee Haaster now also @ The Hive, London (23/06/2017)
    French model Clarence Tennessee Haaster is now also represented by The Hive London. Clarence is already with Heroes NY. She is currently not credited anymore on the website of Oui Paris... (courtesy of Unconditional Magazine / Alexandra Nataf / model...
  • Achok Majak: Red -> DNA, NY (23/06/2017)
    American model Achok Majak is switching from Red (still on their website) to DNA NY. Achok is also with MP Paris+Milan and Nevs London. (courtesy of Vogue Italia / Steven Klein / models.com)
  • Hana Soukupova: IMG -> The Squad, London (22/06/2017)
    Czech supermodel Hana Soukupova switched from IMG London to The Squad. Hana is also with Marilyn Paris and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire Czech Republic / models.com)
  • Caroline Trentini: The Society -> Ford, NY (22/06/2017)
    Brazilian supermodel Caroline Trentini switched from The Society to Ford NY. Caroline is also with Elite Paris+Milan and Next London. Cora Emmanuel also switched recently from The Society to Ford NY. (courtesy of Pop Magazine / Charlotte Wales / mode...
  • Tyg Davison: Special -> MP, Milan (21/06/2017)
    Canadian model Tyg Davison switched from Special to MP Milan. Tyg is also with MP Paris, Wilhelmina NY and The Hive London. (courtesy of models.com / Julia Noni / models.com)
  • Soo Joo Park: IMG -> Women, NY (19/06/2017)
    South Korean supermodel Soo Joo Park switched from IMG to Women NY. Soo Joo is also with IMG Paris and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire Taiwan / models.com)
  • Ruby Aldridge: Next -> IMG, London (19/06/2017)
    American model Ruby Aldridge (sister of Lily) switched from Next to IMG London. Ruby recently joined IMG NY. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Serbia / Olivia Malone / models.com)
  • Kris Gottschalk: Premium -> Marilyn, Paris (19/06/2017)
    German model Kris Gottschalk is switching from Premium (still on their website) to Marilyn Paris. Kris is also with Elite NYC, Premier London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Sephora / Daniel Jackson / models.com)
  • Sarah Engelland: Oui -> MP, Paris (19/06/2017)
    American model Sarah Engelland switched from Oui to MP Paris. Sarah is also with Major NY and Premier London. (courtesy of Numéro Tokyo / Mitsuo Okamoto / models.com)


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