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  • Eugenia Volodina: Supreme -> Wilhelmina, NY (07/04/2017)
    Russian iconic supermodel Eugenia Volodina is switching from Supreme NY (still on their website) to Wilhelmina NY (Image division). Eugenia is also with Supreme Paris and Next London. (courtesy of ELLE Spain / Xavier Gordo / models.com)
  • Iris van Berne: Next -> The Hive, London (07/04/2017)
    Dutch model Iris van Berne switched from Next London to The Hive. Iris is also Next in Paris, NY and Milan. (courtesy of L'Officiel Ukraine / Christian Högstedt / models.com)
  • Shirley Mallmann: Trump -> ANTI, NY (07/04/2017)
    Brazilian iconic supermodel Shirley Mallmann is switching from Trump (still on their website) to the brand new model agency called ANTI Management. Shirley is also with D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of M.A.C. / Craig McDean / models.com)
  • Dana Drori: Trump -> Women/360, NY (07/04/2017)
    Canadian model Dana Drori switched from Trump to Women/360 NY. Dana is also with Elite Paris and Models 1 London. (courtesy of Aldo / Alasdair McLellan / Models 1 Blog)
  • Nika Lauraitis: Trump -> Women/360, NY (07/04/2017)
    American model Nika Lauraitis is switching from Trump (still on their website) to Women/360 NY. Nika is also with Next London+Milan. (courtesy of Grazia Italia / Zoltan Tombor / models.com)
  • News Flash / New New York Model Agencies (07/04/2017)
    Two new model agencies have recently been opened in New York by two ex-Trump Models top bookers. Patty Sicular founded her agency called Iconic Focus. Patty had worked in the Trump "Legends" division and her agency represents several ex-Trump iconic models...
  • Michele Hicks: Trump -> Wilhelmina, NY (06/04/2017)
    American supermodel and actress ("Mr. Robot") Michele Hicks switched from Trump to Wilhelmina NY (Image division), the agency where she started her fantastic career approx. 20 years ago... Michele is also with Models 1 London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy...
  • Mariacarla Boscono now also @ Elite, London (06/04/2017)
    Italian iconic supermodel Mariacarla Boscono is now also represented by Elite London. Mariacarla is already with Women Paris+NY and Elite Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Mexico / Nico / models.com)
  • Jazzelle Zanaughtti now also @ Storm, London (06/04/2017)
    American model Jazzelle Zanaughtti is now also represented by Storm London. Jazzelle is already with New York Model Mgmt. (courtesy of Another Magazine / Nick Knight / models.com)
  • Charlotte Carey: Wilhelmina -> The Hive, London (06/04/2017)
    American model Charlotte Carey switched from Wilhelmina London to The Hive. Charlotte is also with Supreme Paris, Muse NY and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Cover magazine / Rasmus Skousen / models.com)


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