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  • Cindy Bruna: Wilhelmina -> The Society, NY (18/04/2017)
    French model Cindy Bruna switched from Wilhelmina NY to The Society. Cindy is also with M Management Paris and Special Management Milan. Cindy is currently not credited anymore on the website of Elite London... (courtesy of Vogue Arabia / Hans Feurer...
  • Milana Keller: Trump -> ANTI, NY (17/04/2017)
    Russian model Milana Keller is switching from Trump (still on their website) to ANTI NY. Milana is also with Women Paris, Established London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Spain / Philippe Cometti / models.com)
  • Louise Donegan: One -> ANTI, NY (17/04/2017)
    British model Louise Donegan switched from ONE to ANTI NY. Louise is also with MP Paris. (courtesy of Allure / Carter Smith / models.com)
  • Hartje Andresen: Trump -> ANTI, NY (17/04/2017)
    German model Hartje Andresen is switching from Trump (still on their website) to ANTI NY. ANTI NY is a brand new model agency opened by an ex-Trump Models booker. (Amica / Nadir / https://viciomusicayelamor.blogspot.fr) (courtesy of French Revue / Thierry...
  • Marie-Ange Casta: IMG -> Models 1, London (15/04/2017)
    French actress and model Marie-Ange Casta switched from IMG London to Models 1 (Talent division). Marie-Ange is also with Marilyn Paris+NY and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Glamour Italia / Ellen von Unwerth / models.com)
  • Daniela Pestova: Next -> Elite, London (14/04/2017)
    Czech Republic supermodel Daniela Pestova switched from Next to Elite London. Daniela is also with Karin Paris and Women Direct Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Czech Republic / Branislav Simoncik / models.com)
  • Constanze Saemann: Marilyn -> The Lions, NY (12/04/2017)
    German model Constanze Saemann switched from Marilyn NY to The Lions. Constanze is also with Oui Paris, Premier London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Laloved magazine / Ryan Brabazon / TFS)
  • Amalie Frijs-Djurhuus: DNA -> Silent, NY (11/04/2017)
    Danish model Amalie Frijs-Djurhuus switched from DNA to Silent NY. (courtesy of I-D / Daniel Jackson / models.com)
  • News Flash / Trump Models is reportedly shutting down (10/04/2017)
    According to New York magazine, Trump Models is reportedly shutting down...
  • Audrey Marnay now also @ Wilhelmina, NY (08/04/2017)
    French iconic supermodel and actress Audrey Marnay is back in NY and is now represented by Wilhelmina (Image division). Audrey has already worked with all the legendary fashion photographers including Avedon, Ritts, Penn, Meisel, Newton, Lindbergh, Demarchelier,...


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