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  • Emily Astrup: Premier -> Established, London (08/02/2017)
    Danish model Emily Astrup switched from Premier to Established London. Emily is also with NYMM and Special Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Indonesia / Lara Jade / models.com)
  • Manon Leloup: Storm -> The Squad, London (08/02/2017)
    French model Manon Leloup switched from Storm to The Squad London. Manon is also with IMG Paris, Wilhelmina NY and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Amica / Thomas Schenk / TFS)
  • Marine van Outryve: Ford -> The MVMT, NY (08/02/2017)
    Belgian model Marine van Outryve switched from Ford NY to The MVMT NY. Marine is also with Premium Paris, The Hive London and Elite Milan. The MVMT is a NY-based division of Major NY. (courtesy of ELLE Mexico / Benjo Arwas / models.com)
  • Kate King: IMG -> Marilyn, NY (08/02/2017)
    Canadian model Kate King is switching from IMG NY (still on their website) to Marilyn NY. Kate is also with Select London and Brave Milan. Paris ? (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Brazil / Fabio Bartelt / models.com)
  • Isabel Scholten: Wilhelmina -> Premier, London (07/02/2017)
    Dutch model Isabel Scholten switched from Wilhelmina to Premier London. Isabel is also with Elite Paris, The Society NY and Monster Milan. (courtesy of French Revue / Thierry Le Goues / models.com)
  • Kate Bock: Milk -> Storm, London (06/02/2017)
    Canadian model Kate Bock switched back from Milk to Storm London. Kate is also with Premium Paris, Elite NY and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Canada / Max Abadian / models.com)
  • Ewa Wladymiruk: Women -> Special, Milan (06/02/2017)
    Polish model Ewa Wladymiruk switched from Women Milan to Special. Ewa is also with Premium Paris, Elite NY and Models 1 London. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Brazil / Stefania Paparelli / models.com)
  • Alessandra Ambrosio now also @ IMG, Milan (06/02/2017)
    Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is now also rep by IMG Milan. Alessandra is already with Viva Paris+London and IMG NY. (courtesy of GQ Brazil / Stewart Shining / models.com)
  • Ina Maribo Jensen now also @ Premier, London (06/02/2017)
    Danish model Ina Maribo Jensen is now also with Premier London. Ina is already with Women Paris, NY and Milan. (courtesy of i-D / Matteo Mantanari / models.com)
  • Hana Soukupova: IMG -> Why Not, Milan (05/02/2017)
    Czech model Hana Soukupova switched back from IMG to Why Not Milan. Hana is no more credited on the websites of IMG Paris, NY or London... (courtesy of Marie Claire Czech / models.com)


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