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  • Naomi Campbell: Marilyn -> ZZO, Paris (09/01/2017)
    Legendary iconic supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell left Marilyn Paris and is now with ZZO Image. Naomi is also with NYMM in New York and D'Mgmt in Milan. (courtesy of Another Magazine / Alasdair McLellan / TFS)
  • Luna Mira Alldinger: Supreme -> Oui, Paris (07/01/2017)
    German model Luna Mira Alldinger switched from Supreme to Oui in Paris. NY ? London ? Milan ? (courtesy of Numero Tokyo / Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello / models.com)
  • Caroline Corinth: Oui -> Marilyn, Paris (06/01/2017)
    Danish model Caroline Corinth left Oui and is back to Marilyn in Paris. Caroline is also with Models 1 in London and Women in Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Spain / Mario Sierra / models.com)
  • Lucy Evans: Select -> Wilhelmina, London (04/01/2017)
    British model Lucy Evans switched from Select to Wilhelmina London. Lucy is also with Supreme Paris+NY and Women Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Japan / David Slijper / models.com)
  • Milly Simmonds: Marilyn -> New Madison, Paris (04/01/2017)
    British model Milly Simmonds switched from Marilyn Paris to New Madison. Milly is also with Models 1 in London and Women in Milan. (courtesy of Stella magazine / Billie Scheepers / models.com)
  • Alina Baikova: Next -> The Lab, Milan (03/01/2017)
    Ukrainian model Alina Baikova switched from Next Milan to The Lab. Alina is also with Metropolitan in Paris and Marilyn in NY. (courtesy of ELLE Russia / Michael Sanders / TFS)
  • Mathilde Frachon: IMG -> Elite, NY and M+P, London (03/01/2017)
    French model Mathilde Frachon switched from IMG to Elite NY (Direct) and M+P London. (courtesy of Marie Claire UK / Fabio Chizzola / TFS)


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