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  • Nykhor Paul: Wilhelmina -> Muse, NY (18/01/2017)
    Sudanese model Nykhor Paul switched from Wilhelmina to Muse NY. Nykhor is also with MP Paris+Milan. (courtesy of How to Spend it magazine / Damian Foxe / models.com)
  • Ina Maribo Jensen now also @ Women, Milan (18/01/2017)
    Danish model Ina Maribo Jensen is now also represented by Women Milano. Ina is already with Women Paris+NY. (courtesy of Dansk / Tom Allen / models.com)
  • Leila Nda: Fashion -> D'Mgmt, Milan (18/01/2017)
    Belgian model Leila Nda switched from Fashion to D'Mgmt in Milan. Leila is also with Women Paris+NY and Models 1 London. (courtesy of Vogue - RIP Franca - Italia / Paolo Roversi / models.com)
  • Juliane Grüner now also @ Women, Milan (17/01/2017)
    Danish model Juliane Grüner is now also represented by Women Milan. Juliane is already with Women NY and Storm London. (courtesy of Vogue China / Amy Troost / The Fashionography)
  • Marie-Ange Casta: IMG -> D'Mgmt, Milan (17/01/2017)
    French actress and model Marie-Ange Casta switched from IMG Milan to D'Mgmt. Marie-Ange is also with Marilyn Paris. (courtesy of L'Officiel / Rayan Ayash / Lookbooks)
  • Liza Golden: Storm -> Milk, London (16/01/2017)
    American model Liza Golden switched from Storm London to Milk (Curve division). Liza is also with IMG NY+Milan. (courtesy of ELLE USA / Raf Stahelin / models.com)
  • Clarence Tennessee Haaster: Silent -> Oui, Paris (16/01/2017)
    French model Clarence Tennessee Haaster switched from Silent Paris to Oui. Clarence is also with Heroes NY. (courtesy of Unconditional magazine / Alexandra Nataf / models.com)
  • Juju Ivanyuk: Elite -> Marilyn, Paris (14/01/2017)
    Ukrainian model Juju Ivanyuk is back and switched from Elite to Marilyn Paris. Juju is also credited on the website of Next Milan. Still with Next in NY ? (courtesy of Marie Claire US / Alvaro Beamud Cortes / Fashion Gone Rogue)
  • Marina Nery: Elite -> IMG, Milan (14/01/2017)
    Brazilian model Marina Nery switched from Elite to IMG Milan. Marina is also with Elite Paris and IMG NY. (courtesy of Vogue - RIP Franca - Italia / Solve Sundsbo / models.com)
  • Sofia Mechetner now also @ Viva, London (14/01/2017)
    Israeli young model Sofia Mechetner is now also represented by Viva London. Sofia is already with Viva Paris. (courtesy of Vogue Russia / Ben Weller / models.com)


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