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  • Sarah Abney: Fusion -> Muse, NY (29/10/2016)
    American model Sarah Abney is switching from Fusion (still on their website) to Muse NY. Sarah is also with Supreme Paris, The Squad London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Germany / Sofia & Mauro / TFS)
  • Heather Kemesky: Oui -> Viva, Paris (28/10/2016)
    American model Heather Kemesky is switching from Oui (still on their website) to Viva Paris. Heather is also with DNA NY, The Hive London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Giorgio Armani / Mert & Marcus / TFS)
  • Maggie Maurer: IMG -> D'Mgmt, Milan (28/10/2016)
    Canadian model Maggie Maurer switched from IMG to D'Mgmt in Milan. Maggie is also with IMG Paris+London and Marilyn NY. (courtesy of Stern Mode / Elizaveta Porodina / TFS)
  • Egle Tvirbutaite: Next -> Marilyn, NY (27/10/2016)
    Lithuanian model Egle Tvirbutaite switched from Next to Marilyn NY. A change of agencies in Europe too (can't see her currently on the websites of Next in Europe) ?... (courtesy of ELLE UK / Mark Pillai / models.com)
  • Samantha Archibald: Soul Artist -> Marilyn, NY (27/10/2016)
    American model Samantha Archibald is switching from Soul Artist (still on their website) to Marilyn NY. Samantha is also with Marilyn Paris, Storm London and Fashion Milan. (courtesy of ELLE US / Paola Kudacki / TFS)
  • Snejana Onopka: Next -> Marilyn, NY (27/10/2016)
    Ukrainian supermodel Snejana Onopka is on the move again... She left Next and is now with Marilyn NY. Snejana is no more with Next in Europe... (courtesy of Vogue Germany / models.com)
  • Grace Bol: Storm -> The Hive, London (27/10/2016)
    Sudanese model Grace Bol is switching from Storm (still on their website) to The Hive London. Grace is also with Oui Paris, The Lions NY and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of LOVE magazine / Solve Sundsbo / models.com)
  • Daniela Kocianova now also @ Women, NY (25/10/2016)
    Czech model Daniela Kocianova is now also rep by Women NY (she used to be with Supreme NY). Daniela is already with Premium Paris, Nevs London and Monster Milan. Daniela was an exclusive worldwide model for the SS17 Celine show in Paris... (courtesy of...
  • Lera Abova now also @ Oui, Paris (25/10/2016)
    Russian model Lera Abova is now also rep by Oui Paris. Lera is already with DNA NY, The Select London and The Fabbrica Milan. Lera has the same agencies as Ulrikke Hoyer. (courtesy of Cover magazine / Philip Messmann / TFS)
  • Julia Nobis now also @ Viva, London (25/10/2016)
    Australian supermodel Julia Nobis is now also rep by Viva London (she used to be with Premier London). Julia is already with Viva Paris, DNA NY and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Tiffany & Co. / Karim Sadli / models.com)


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