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  • Zuzana Gregorova: Why Not -> Women Direct, Milan (13/05/2016)
    Slovakian model Zuzana Gregorova switched from Why Not to Women Direct in Milan. Zuzana recently joined Women/360 in NY and is also with Elite Paris+London. (courtesy of Marie Claire US / Sofia & Mauro / models.com)
  • Sophia Linnewedel is now also @ Supreme, NY (13/05/2016)
    German model Sophia Linnewedel is now also rep by Supreme NY (Development division). Sophia is already with Supreme Paris, Storm London and Women Milan. (courtesy of Uniqlo / Harley Weir / models.com)
  • Estelle Yves: Elite -> Women, Milan (13/05/2016)
    French model Estelle Yves is switching from Elite to Women Milan. Estelle is also with Women in Paris. London ? NY ? (source: models.com / TFS)
  • Antonia Wesseloh: Women -> Silent, NY (11/05/2016)
    German model Antonia Wesseloh switched from Women to Silent NY. Antonia is also with Elite Paris+London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Numero Tokyo / Sofia & Mauro / models.com)
  • Nykhor Paul : Nevs -> Wilhelmina, London (11/05/2016)
    Sudanese model Nykhor Paul left Nevs and is now with Wilhelmina London. Nykhor is also with MP Paris+Milan and Wilhemina NY. (courtesy of ELLE Mexico / models.com)
  • Ragnhild Jevne: IMG -> Silent, NY (10/05/2016)
    Norwegian model Ragnhild Jevne is switching from IMG NY (still on their website) to Silent NY. Ragnhild is also with IMG Paris, London and Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Vietnam / Zhang Jingna / models.com)
  • Ella Richards: Storm -> Tess, London (10/05/2016)
    Model Ella Richards switched from Storm to Tess in London. Ella is also with Supreme Paris+NY and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Numéro Tokyo / Sofia & Mauro / models.com)
  • Tiiu Kuik: The Society -> Wilhelmina, NY (06/05/2016)
    Estonian model Tiiu Kuik switched from The Society to Wilhelmina (Direct division). Tiiu is also with Marilyn Paris, Storm London and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of Red magazine / Jonty Davies / TFS)
  • Caroline Schurch: Storm -> The Squad, London (06/05/2016)
    Swiss model Caroline Schurch switched from Storm to The Squad in London. Caroline is also with Women Paris+Milan and New York Model Mgmt. (courtesy of Numero Russia / Desiree Mattsson / models.com)
  • Charlott Cordes: Silent -> Trump, NY (05/05/2016)
    German model Charlott Cordes switched from Silent NY to Trump. Charlott is also with Elite Paris+Milan and Premier London. (courtesy of Flair / David Oldham / models.com)


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