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  • Nika Cole: IMG -> Premier, London (25/04/2016)
    Russian model Nika Cole switched from IMG London to Premier. Nika Cole is also with New Madison in Paris, One in NY and Brave in Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Mexico / Joe Lai / models.com)
  • Julie Ordon: Premier -> The Squad, London (22/04/2016)
    Swiss model Julie Ordon switched from Premier to The Squad in London. Julie is also with Karin in Paris, Elite in NY and The Fabbrica in Milan.
  • Ulrikke Hoyer now also @ DNA, NY (22/04/2016)
    Danish model-athlete Ulrikke Hoyer is now also rep by DNA NY. Ulrikke is also with Select in London and The Fabbrica in Milan. Paris ? (courtesy of Vogue Paris / Davis Sims / models.com)
  • Romy de Grijff now also @ The Society, NY (21/04/2016)
    Dutch model Romy de Grijff is now (officially) rep by The Society NY. Romy is also with Elite Paris, London and Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire Spain / Thierry Le Goues / TFS)
  • Alma Durand: NYMM -> Fusion, NY (21/04/2016)
    French model Alma Durand left NYMM and is now (officially) with Fusion in NY. Alma is also with Oui in Paris, Premier in London and Monster in Milan. Happy Birthday Alma Durand !!! (courtesy of Mixte / Jem Mitchell / models.com)
  • Sharam Diniz: Next -> Premium, Paris (21/04/2016)
    Portuguese/Angolan model Sharam Diniz switched from Next to Premium in Paris. Sharam is also with New York Model Mgmt, Models 1 London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Tom Ford / Christian Ferretti / models.com)
  • Cristina Piccone: SUPA -> IMG, London (21/04/2016)
    Mexican model Cristina Piccone switched from SUPA to IMG London. Cristina is also with Premium in Paris and Fusion in NY. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Mexico & LatAm / Hans Neumann / TFS)
  • Willow Smith now also @ Elite, Paris (20/04/2016)
    Singer, actress and model Willow Smith is now also rep by Elite Paris. Willow is already with The Society NY. (courtesy of i-D / Tyrone Lebon / models)
  • Nicola Haffmans now also @ One, NY (19/04/2016)
    Dutch model Nicola Haffmans is now also rep by One NY (Silent NY was her last NY agency). Nicola is also with Marilyn Paris, Models 1 and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Hungary / Greg Swales / models.com)
  • Ari Westphal now also @ DNA, NY (19/04/2016)
    Brazilian new face Ari Westphal is now also rep by DNA NY. Ari is already with Viva Paris+London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Netherlands / Mikael Schulz / models.com)


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