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  • Valeria Dmitrienko: Supreme -> Muse, NY (30/04/2016)
    Ukrainian model Valeria Dmitrienko switched from Supreme to Muse NY (Direct division). Valeria is also rep by Select London and Women Milan. (courtesy of Marie Claire US / Tesh / TFS)
  • Marlena Szoka: Fashion -> D'Mgmt, Milan (29/04/2016)
    Polish model Marlena Szoka switched from Fashion to D'Mgmt in Milan. Marlena is also with Marilyn Paris, One NY and Storm London. (courtesy of Marie Claire Spain / Pablo Zamora / TFS)
  • Grace Anderson now also @ Special, Milan (29/04/2016)
    Scottish model Grace Anderson is now also rep by Special Management in Milan. Grace is already with Heroes NY and Premier London. (courtesy of ELLE UK / Aitken Jolly / models.com)
  • Lotte van Noort: Marilyn -> Viva, Paris and now also @ Viva, London (28/04/2016)
    Dutch model Lotte van Noort switched from Marilyn to Viva Paris and is now also rep by Viva London. Lotte is also with Why Not Milan and Marilyn NY. (courtesy of Marie Claire France / Nik Hartley / models.com)
  • Maud Welzen: Elite -> Marilyn, Paris (28/04/2016)
    Dutch model Maud Welzen switched from Elite to Marilyn Paris. Maud is also with DNA NY, The Hive London and The Fabbrica Milan. (courtesy of Amica / Jean-François Campos - models.com)
  • Candice Huffine: Select -> IMG, London (28/04/2016)
    American plus-size supermodel Candice Huffine switched from Select to IMG London. Candice is also with IMG NY and Milan. (courtesy of Mango / models.com)
  • Louise Lefebure now also @ Select, London (28/04/2016)
    French model Louise Lefebure, a cousin of supermodel Estelle Lefebure, is now also rep by Select London. Louise is already with MC2 NY and Monster Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Sweden / Johan Sandberg / models.com)
  • Nikola Romanova: NYMM -> Major, NY (27/04/2016)
    Russian model Nikola Romanova left NYMM and is now with Major NY. Back soon to Paris, London and Milan ? (courtesy of El Pais / Antia Pagant / models.com)
  • Anna Cholewa: Women Direct -> The Fabbrica, Milan (27/04/2016)
    Polish model Anna Cholewa is switching from Women Direct Milano (still on their website) to The Fabbrica. Anna is also with Supreme Paris+NY and Premier London. (courtesy of Self Service / Venetia Scott / models.com)
  • Ulrikke Hoyer now also @ Oui, Paris (26/04/2016)
    Danish model Ulrikke Hoyer is now also rep by Oui in Paris. Ulrikke is already with DNA NY, Select London and The Fabbrica Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Paris / David Sims / models.com)


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