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  • Ewa Wladymiruk: Supreme -> Premium, Paris (25/03/2016)
    Polish model Ewa Wladymiruk is switching from Supreme Paris (still on their website) to Premium. Ewa is also with Elite NY, Models 1 London and Women Milan. (courtesy of Amica / Takay / TFS)
  • Iana Godnia: M and P -> The Squad, London (24/03/2016)
    Ukrainian model Iana Godnia switched from M+P to The Squad in London. Iana Godnia is also with Elite Paris+Milan and Heroes NY. (courtesy of Vogue Ukraine / Phil Poynter / models.com)
  • Aline Weber: Next -> IMG, Paris (24/03/2016)
    Brazilian model Aline Weber switched from Next to IMG Paris. Aline is also with IMG NY+Milan and Next London. (courtesy of L'Officiel Brasil - TFS)
  • Snejana Onopka: Premier -> Next, London (23/03/2016)
    Ukrainian supermodel Snejana Onopka is switching from Premier London (still on their website) to Next. Snejana is also with Next Paris+Milan. (courtesy of Vogue Germany / Daniele & Iango / models.com)
  • Alexina Graham: Elite -> D'Mgmt, Milan (23/03/2016)
    British model Alexina Graham left Elite Milan and is now with D'Mgmt. Alexina is also rep by Elite Paris, The Society NY and Models 1 London. ( courtesy of Madame Figaro / Marcus Pummer / TFS)
  • Hailey Baldwin: Heroes -> IMG, NY and now also @ IMG, Milan (22/03/2016)
    American model Hailey Baldwin switched from Heroes to IMG NY and is now also rep by IMG Milan. Hailey is also with Silent Paris and Storm London. (courtesy of Miss Vogue / models.com)
  • Sui He: Fashion -> Women, Milan (19/03/2016)
    Chinese supermodel Sui He is switching from Fashion (still on their website) to Women Milan. Sui He is also with Women Paris, Women NY (still on the website of NYMM) and Storm London. (courtesy of The Edit / Chris Colls / models.com)
  • Portia Freeman: Premier -> Select, London (19/03/2016)
    British actress and model Portia Freeman is now with Select (Special Bookings division). She used to be with Premier London. (courtesy of Tatler UK / Marcin Tyszka / models.com)
  • Ophelie Guillermand: Women -> Elite, Paris (18/03/2016)
    French model Ophelie Guillermand is switching from Women (still on their website) to Elite Paris. Ophelie is also with Women NY+Milan and Storm London. (courtesy of Numéro / Nick Thornton Jones / models.com)
  • Rosie Tapner: Storm -> The Squad, London (18/03/2016)
    Britsh rose Rosie Tapner switched from Storm London to The Squad. Rosie is also with Elite Paris and D'Mgmt Milan. (courtesy of British Vogue / models.com)


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