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  • Lottie Moss now also @ Elite, Paris (05/02/2016)
    New face Lottie Moss (Kate's younger half sister) is now also with Elite Paris. Lottie's mother agency is Storm London. (courtesy of Teen Vogue / Sean Thomas / models.com)
  • News flash / The Squad Management, London (05/02/2016)
    The FM London model agency, representing Roos Abels, Mae Lapres or Kristine Froseth closed. A new agency called The Squad has just been opened. It represents some of the FM London girls (including Roos Abels, Kid Plotnikova or Lisa Helene Kramer) and...
  • Kitty Hayes: Ford -> Oui, Paris (04/02/2016)
    British new face Kitty Hayes switched from Ford to Oui Paris (Development division). Kitty is also with Heroes NY, SUPA London and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Japan / Anthony Maule / models.com)
  • Anna Jagodzinska: Elite -> Women, Paris (04/02/2016)
    Polish supermodel Anna Jagodzinska switched from Elite to Women Paris. Anna is also with Women NY and Elite London+Milan. (courtesy of ELLE Poland and Vogue Turkey - models.com)
  • Gracie Carvalho: Viva -> Oui, Paris (04/02/2016)
    Brazilian model Gracie Carvalho switched from Viva to Oui Paris. Gracie is also with The Lions NY, Select London and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Allure / Greg Kadel and Cosmopolitan / James Macari - models.com)
  • JP (Jessica Pitti): Storm -> Profile, London (03/02/2016)
    American model JP (Jessica Pitti) left Storm and is now back to Profile London (brand new website for Profile London...). JP is also with Major NY and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Tatler Russia and ELLE Singapore / models.com)
  • Snejana Onopka: Women -> Next, Milan (03/02/2016)
    Ukrainian supermodel Snejana Onopka switched from Women ro Next Milan. Snejana is also with Next Paris and Premier London. (courtesy of Vogue Russia / Terry Tsiolis / models.com)
  • Taja Feistner: Wilhelmina -> IMG, NY (02/02/2016)
    American model Taja Feistner switched from Wilhelmina to IMG NY. Taja is also with Women Paris, Models 1 London and The Lab Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Kazakhstan / Kinya and Louis Christopher / models.com)
  • Laura Love: Models 1 -> Viva, London (02/02/2016)
    American model Laura Love is switching from Models 1 (still on their website) to Viva London. Laura is already with Viva Paris, DNA NY and Why Not Milan. (courtesy of Glamour France / Gregory Derkenne / models.com)
  • Nika Cole: IMG -> New Madison, Paris (01/02/2016)
    Russian model Nika Cole is switching from IMG Paris (still on their website) to New Madison. Nika is also with IMG in NY, London and Milan. (courtesy of Another / Nick Knight / models.com)


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