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  • Shelby Hayes now also @ Oui, Paris and @ Monster, Milan (29/02/2016)
    American new face Shelby Hayes is now rep by Oui in Paris and by Monster in Milan. Shelby is currently in the new Coach (Steven Meisel) and Marc Jacobs (David Sims) ad campaigns... Shelby is also with The Lions NY. Soon in London ? (courtesy of T Style...
  • Chiharu Okunugi: Women -> Oui, Paris (29/02/2016)
    According to Oui Paris AW16 show package, Japanese model Chiharu Okunugi is switching from Women Paris (still on their website) to Oui. Chiharu is also with NYMM, Storm London and Women Milan. (courtesy of Vogue China / Simon Emmett and Numero / Hans...
  • Carolina Thaler: Supreme Paris, Elite NY, Established London, Fashion Milan -> Next (24/02/2016)
    Brazilian model Carolina Thaler switched from Supreme to Next Paris, from Elite to Next NY, from Established to Next London and from Fashion to Next Milan. (courtesy of Glamour UK / Naomi Yang / models.com)
  • Meghan Collison: Next -> IMG, Paris (23/02/2016)
    Canadian supermodel Meghan Collison also switched from Next to IMG Paris. Meghan is already with IMG NY+Milan and is also with Next London. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Spain / Nagi Sakai / models.com)
  • Nadja Auermann: IMG -> Viva, Paris (23/02/2016)
    German legendary supermodel Nadja Auermann switched from IMG to Viva Paris (Talent division). Nadja is also with DNA NY and Models 1 London. (courtesy of Vogue Deutsch and Vanity Fair France / Luigi & Iango / models.com)
  • Laura Schellenberg: IMG -> D'Mgmt, Milan (22/02/2016)
    German new face Laura Schellenberg switched from IMG Milan to D'Mgmt. Laura is also with NYMM and The Squad London. (courtesy of ELLE US / Liz Collins / models.com)
  • Celine Bouly now also @ Storm, London (20/02/2016)
    French new face Celine Bouly, starring in the new Chloé ad campaign, is now also rep by Storm London. Celine is already with Supreme Paris+NY and Fashion Milan (but currently not credited anymore on their website). (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Russia...
  • Sally Jonsson: FM -> Milk, London (20/02/2016)
    Swedish model Sally Jonsson switched from FM to Milk London. Sally is also with MP Paris and Major NY+Milan. (courtesy of DSection magazine / Matthew Brookes / models.com)
  • Bara Holotova now also @ Women Direct, Milan (20/02/2016)
    Czech model Bara Holotova is now also with Women Direct Milan. Bara is also with Women 360 NY and IMG London. (courtesy of French Revue / Thierry Le Goues / models.com)
  • Selena Forrest: NYMM -> Next, NY (19/02/2016)
    American new face Selena Forrest is switching from NYMM (still on their website) to Next NY. Selena is now also with Next Milan+Paris+London. (courtesy of Proenza Schouler / Zoe Ghertner / models.com)


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