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  • 2015 Index of models switching agencies (31/01/2016)
    This is an index of all the 2015 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: February 13, 2016 Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency...
  • Ari Westphal: Ford -> Viva, Paris and now also @ Viva, London (29/01/2016)
    Brazilian new face Ari Westphal (Chloé SS16 ad campaign) is already on the move... she switched from Ford to Viva Paris and is now also with Viva London. Ari is also with Why Not in Milan. New York ? (courtesy of Chloe / Vogue Runaway / TFS)
  • Maud Welzen: Elite -> The Fabbrica, Milan (29/01/2016)
    Dutch model Maud Welzen is switching from Elite Milan to The Fabbrica. Maud is also with DNA NY and Elite Paris+London. (courtesy of Amica / Jean-François Campos / models.com)
  • Hana Jirickova: Women -> IMG, Milan (28/01/2016)
    Czech supermodel Hana Jirickova switched from Women to IMG Milan. Hana is also with Silent Paris, IMG NY and Storm London. (courtesy of Vogue Spain / Quentin de Briey / models.com)
  • Katrin Thormann: Supreme -> Silent, Paris (27/01/2016)
    German model Katrin Thormann switched from Supreme to Silent in Paris. Katrin is also with Supreme NY, Models 1 and Women Milan. (courtesy of W Korea / models.com)
  • Meghan Collison: Next -> IMG, NY (26/01/2016)
    Canadian supermodel Meghan Collison switched from Next to IMG NY. Meghan is still on the website of Next in Paris and London but not anymore in Milan... (courtesy of Vogue Thailand and Numero China - TFS)
  • Nykhor Paul: Red -> Wilhelmina, NY (25/01/2016)
    Sudanese model Nykhor Paul switched from Red to Wilhelmina NY. Nykhor is also with MP Paris+Milan. Not anymore on the website of Nevs London... (courtesy of ELLE Mexico and Glamour Italia - models.com)
  • Dorothea Barth Jorgensen: Elite -> Premier, London (23/01/2016)
    Swedish model Dorothea Barth Jorgensen is switching from Elite (still on their website) to Premier in London. Dorothea is also with Oui Paris, The Lions NY and Monster Milan. (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Japan / Tom Schirmacher / models.com)
  • Chrystele Saint-Louis Augustin: IMG -> Women, Paris (23/01/2016)
    Timeless supermodel and actress ("Mon Roi" with Vincent Cassel...) Chrystele Saint-Louis Augustin switched from IMG to Women Paris. She is part of a fashion editorial shot by Victor Demarchelier in the French Feb Numero issue... (courtesy of L'Officiel...
  • Zlata Semenko: M+P -> Premier, London (22/01/2016)
    Kazakhastani Zlata Semenko switched from M+P to Premier London (New Faces division). Zlata is also with Marilyn Paris, Muse NY and Special Milan. (courtesy of Bon magazine / Johan Lindeberg and French Revue / Thierry LeGoues - models.com)


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