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This is an index of all the 2022 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: June 1, 2022


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Ajak Deng now also @ Supreme
Alejandra Alonso: Elite -> The Face
Alma Durand: Supreme -> Women360
Anastasia Kolganova now also  @ City
Anna Cleveland: Next -> Premium
Ansley Gulielmi: Ford -> Premium
Audrey Marnay: IMG -> Supreme
Ece Biçak: Marilyn (still on their website) -> Oui
Erin Wasson back on the website of Elite
Gabby Westbrook-Patrick: Oui -> Select
Gaia Orgeas: Premium -> IMG
Ivanka Smilenko: IMG -> Next
Jac Jagaciak: IMG -> Ford
Leila Nda: Women -> Select
Liv Walters: Ford -> Viva
Ola Rudnicka: IMG -> Next
Olga Sherer: Next -> Select
Paula Anguera: Ford -> Viva
Ruiqi Jiang: Marilyn -> Ford
Shelby Hayes: Elite -> Ford
Tessa Bruinsma: Next -> Viva
Tian Yi now also  @ GIRL
Valentine Alvarez now also @ Oui
Vika Ihnatenko: Premium -> Women360

New York
Adhel Bol: DNA -> Heroes
Alicja Tubilewicz: IMG -> Women
Alyda Grace now also @ Elite
Amrit: DNA -> The Industry
Angelica Erthal: The Society -> Women360
Bibi Abdulkadir: Muse (still on their website) -> Elite
Charlene Hogger: The Society -> The Identity

Cris Urena: NYMM -> One
Eniko Mihalik: The Society -> New York Model Mgmt
Gisele Bundchen: The Lions -> CAA Fashion
Gizele Oliveira: IMG -> The Industry
Grace Elizabeth: Next -> The Society
Hind Sahli: Official -> Muse
Hollie May Saker now also @ Muse
Irina Lazareanu back on the website of The Society
Izabel Goulart: Supreme -> Women360
Jess Maybury now also @ APM
Julia Frauche: Next -> Women360
Kai Newman: Elite -> The Society
Kristine Lindseth now also @ DNA
Leila Nda: New York Model Mgmt -> Muse
Leomie Anderson: CAA Fashion -> The Lions
Mathilde Brandi: Official -> Next
McKenna Hellam: IMG -> Kollektiv
Mini Anden: DNA -> The Model CoOp
Mona Tougaard: Next (still on their website) -> The Society
Rose Daniels: DNA -> New York Model Mgmt
Samantha Gradoville: Women -> Ford
Sara Esparza: Ford -> Elite
Sasha Luss: IMG -> The Lions
Shelby Hayes: Ford -> Muse
Sora Choi: Ford -> The Lions
Theresa Hayes now also @ Muse
Wallette Watson: Supreme -> Women360

Yilan Hua: New York Model Mgmt -> Coven Mgmt -> NYMM

Adesuwa Aighewi: Storm -> Premier
Ayobami Okekunle: IMG -> Premier
Bibi Abdulkadir: Storm -> Premier
Chane Husselmann: Viva -> Kult
Elisabeth Erm: Wilhelmina -> Linden Staub
Ella Rattigan: Storm -> Premier
Emma Balfour: Storm -> Models 1
Erin Wasson: IMG -> Elite
Faith Lynch: IMG -> Storm -> ?
Greta Hofer: Milk -> Elite
Isabel Jones: Storm -> Elite
Jasmine Daniels now also @ Linden Staub
Jess Maybury: Elite -> Milk
Jess PW: Storm -> Elite
Kai Newman: Premier -> Elite
Karlie Kloss: IMG -> Models 1
Laura Morgan: Premier -> Milk
Liv Walters: Storm -> Viva
Lou Schoof: Models 1 -> Premier
Magda Laguinge: Next -> Linden Staub
Mathilde Brandi: Models 1 -> Next
McKenna Hellam: IMG -> The Hive
Ola Rudnicka: IMG -> Next
Paula Anguera: Storm -> Viva
Ruiqi Jiang: Established (still on their website) -> The Hive
Tanya Curbanova: Viva -> M+P
Tessa Bruinsma: Next -> Viva
Theresa Hayes: ANTI -> Milk
Tian Yi now also @ The Hive
Valentine Alvarez now also @ Storm
Vaughan Ollier: Models 1 -> Kult
Willow Hand: The Hive -> Kult

Anita Pozzo: The Lab -> Women
Ayobami Okekunle: IMG -> Fabbrica
Chai Maximus now also @ Fabbrica
Dasha Khlystun: Monster -> Special
Emmy Rappe: IMG -> Elite

Erin Wasson: IMG -> Elite
Jana Julius: Select (still on their website) -> Fabbrica (currently not credited anymore)
Jazzelle Zanaughtti: D'Mgmt -> Elite
Jill Kortleve now also @ Women
Lulu Tenney now also @ Fabbrica
McKenna Hellam: IMG -> Why Not
Ola Rudnicka: IMG (still on their website) -> Next
Pasha Harulia now also @ Monster
Pyper America: IMG -> Brave
Sara Soric: Select -> Elite
Valentine Alvarez now also @ Brave
Vika Ihnatenko: Monster -> Special
Willow Hand: The Lab -> Monster



2021 Index here

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