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1 juillet 2017 6 01 /07 /juillet /2017 08:26

This is an index of all the 2017 major model switches (and new representations) in Paris, NY, London and Milan. Latest update on: July 1, 2017


Some switches are immediate but some are only in progress with the model still with her current agency but already credited on the website of her next destination. Latest updates in RED.


Ally Ertel: MP -> Oui
Aqua Parios: Crystal -> Marilyn
Britt Maren: Supreme -> Metropolitan
Cara Taylor now (officially) @ Oui
Caroline Corinth: Oui -> Marilyn
Charlotte Nolting: Marilyn -> Girl
Clarence Tennessee Haaster: Silent -> Oui
Cora Emmanuel: Elite -> Ford
Ella Richards: Supreme -> Silent
Elza Luijendijk back on the website of IMG
Erin Wasson: IMG -> Elite
Estelle Chen: Elite -> Ford
Estelle Lefebure now also @ ZZO
Eva Herzigova: Marilyn (still on their website) -> ZZO
Frances Coombe: MP -> Premium
Gia Tang: Mademoiselle -> New Madison
Hana Jirickova: Silent -> IMG
Hana Soukupova: IMG -> Marilyn
Indre Aleksiuk now also @ Supreme
Iris van Berne: Next (still on their website) -> Premium
Issa Lish: Supreme -> Women

Jacquelyn Jablonski: Elite -> IMG
Janice Alida: Oui -> Premium
Juju Ivanyuk: Elite -> Marilyn
Juliane Grüner now also @ Women
Julita Formella: Marilyn -> Viva
Kate King: Elite -> Marilyn
Kesewa Aboah now also  @ Viva
Kim Noorda back on the website of Viva
Kris Gottschalk: Premium (still on their website) -> Marilyn
Lea Holzfuss: Silent -> Marilyn
Leah Rödl: Next -> Oui
Luna Mira Alldinger: Supreme -> Oui
Marie Piovesan: Viva -> New Madison
Mariina Keskitalo back on the website of Oui
Marte Mei van Haaster: IMG -> Viva
Mila Krasnoiarova back @ Silent
Milly Simmonds: Marilyn -> New Madison
Mirte Maas: Women -> Premium
Naomi Campbell: Marilyn -> ZZO
Paige Reifler now also @ Oui
Rose Daniels now also  @ Viva
Samantha Ellsworth: Next -> Women
Sarah Engelland: Oui -> MP

Sui He: Women -> Premium
Taja Feistner: Women -> (MP ->) Oui
Thairine Garcia: Next (still on their website) -> Ford
Valeriia Karaman: Silent -> Premium
Vika Falileeva: Silent -> Premium
Zuzana Gregorova: Elite -> Marilyn

New York
Achok Majak: Red -> DNA
Agnes Akerlund now also @ Next
Alice Cornish: Supreme -> Women/360
Alima Fofana: Supreme -> Women/360
Alina Baikova: Marilyn -> Next

Alla Kostromichova: Supreme -> NYMM
Alma Durand: Fusion -> One
Alyona Subbotina: Trump (still on their website) -> Red
Amalie Frijs-Djurhuus: DNA -> Silent
Amalie Moosgaard: Next -> Silent
Amanda Googe: Women/360 -> Women
Amelia Rami: Trump (still on their website) -> Heroes
Anna de Rijk: DNA -> Wilhelmina
Annie Tice: State -> Heroes
Asia Chow: Marilyn -> The Lions
Ashika Pratt: Trump (still on their website) -> Heroes
Athena Wilson: Marilyn -> Muse
Audrey Marnay now also @ Wilhelmina
Barbra-Lee Grant: Trump (still on their website) -> NYMM
Bruna Tenorio: Women -> NYMM
Caroline Trentini: The Society -> Ford

Cecilie Moosgaard: Next -> Silent 
Cindy Bruna: Wilhelmina -> The Society
Codie Young: DNA -> Muse
Constanze Saemann: Marilyn -> The Lions
Cora Emmanuel: The Society -> Ford
Dana Drori: Trump -> Women/360
Danielle Herrington: Trump (still on their website) -> Women/360
Edda Petursdottir: Supreme -> Women/360
Elena Bartels: DNA -> Wilhelmina
Elza Luijendijk back on the website of IMG
Emeline Ghesquiere: Muse -> Silent

Erin Wasson: IMG -> The Society
Eugenia Volodina: Supreme -> Wilhelmina
Eva Herzigova: One -> DNA
Fatima Siad: Wilhelmina -> One
Georgie Wass: Trump (still on their website) -> Women/360
Gertrud Hegelund now also @ Elite
Gia Tang: One -> Wilhelmina (currently not credited anymore on their website)
Hartje Andresen: Trump (still on their website) -> ANTI
Heather Hahn: Trump (still on their website) -> Women/360
Hollie-May Saker: Trump (still on their website) -> Supreme
Irina Liss: The Lions -> Muse
Isabella Melo back on the website of IMG
Jessica Clarke: DNA -> Supreme
Jourdana Phillips: Major -> Supreme
Juju Ivanyuk: Next -> Marilyn

Juliane Grüner now also @ Women
Kate King: IMG -> Marilyn (not currently credited anymore on their website)
Kate Upton: IMG -> The Lions
Katie Moore: Trump (still on their website) -> Marilyn
Kim Noorda: DNA -> Wilhelmina
Kristine Froseth: Supreme -> IMG
Leila Nda: Women -> Elite
Lieke van Outen: The Society -> Wilhelmina
Louise Donegan: One -> ANTI
Luisa Bianchin: Trump -> One
Madison Leyes: Muse -> Q
Marie-Ange Casta: IMG -> Marilyn
Marique Schimmel: Supreme -> Fusion
Marine van Outryve: Ford -> The MVMT Major
Marie Piovesan: The Society -> Muse
Marte Mei van Haaster: IMG -> DNA
Mathilde Frachon: IMG -> Elite Direct
Maud Le Fort: Marilyn -> ANTI
Meredith Mickelson: Next -> The Lions
Mia Kang: Trump (still on their website) -> Women/360
Michele Hicks: Trump -> Wilhelmina
Milana Keller: Trump (still on their website) -> ANTI
Nika Lauraitis: Trump (still on their website) -> Women/360
Niki Trefilova: Heroes -> Fusion
Nykhor Paul: Wilhelmina -> Muse
Othilia Simon: Heroes -> DNA
Pamela Bernier: The Society -> Women/360
Rachel Alexander: Supreme -> Women/360
Rachel Finninger: DNA -> Muse

Rachel Roberts: Next -> One
Ragnhild Jevne: Silent -> Ford - Women Direct
Romee Strijd: DNA -> IMG
Rose Cordero: NYMM -> Re:Quest
Rose Smith: The Society -> Muse
Ruby Aldridge: Next -> IMG
Sarah Dahl now also @ Women
Shalom Harlow: DNA -> The Lions
Shirley Mallmann: Trump -> ANTI
Sofia Mechetner now also @ DNA
Soo Joo Park: IMG -> Women
Sophie Rask: One -> Silent
Tina Veshaguri: Trump (still on their website) -> Silent
Tyg Davison: Ford -> Wilhelmina
Valery Kaufman: The Society -> The Lions
Veranika Antsipava: Supreme -> Muse
Vika Falileeva: DNA -> Elite
Viviane Oliveira: MC2 -> ANTI
Vita Sidornika: The Society -> IMG
Yana Karpova: IMG -> NYMM
Zhenya Migovych: Trump (still on their website) -> Women/360

Adriana Lima now @ Elite
Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov: Storm -> The Squad
Alisa Ahmann now also @ Premier
Amalie Moosgaard: Next -> The Hive
Anastasia Lagune: Storm -> Milk
Andie Arthur now also @ IMG
Anne-Marie van Dijk: Wilhelmina
Bara Podzimkova: Elite -> Premier
Benthe de Vries: Next -> Premier
Cecilie Moosgaard: Next -> The Hive
Charlotte Carey: Wilhelmina -> The Hive
Cindy Bruna: Elite -> Storm
Clarence Tennessee Haaster now also  @ The Hive
Daniela Pestova: Next -> Elite
Daria Pleggenkuhle now also @ The Squad
Elza Luizendijk back on the website of IMG
Emily Astrup: Premier -> Established
Eniko Mihalik: Storm -> Premier
Ewa Wladymiruk: Models 1 -> Premier
Gabrielle Rul: Storm (still on their website) -> The Hive
Guinevere van Seenus: IMG -> Next
Hana Soukupova: IMG -> The Squad
Harleth Kuusik: Storm -> The Squad
Hirschy Grace: Select -> The Squad
Ina Maribo Jensen now also  @ Premier
Iris van Berne: Next -> The Hive
Iris Palmer now @ Storm
Isabel Scholten: Wilhelmina -> Premier
Jazzelle Zanaughtti now also  @ Storm
Jourdana Philipps now also @ Models 1
Julia Merkelbach now also @ Elite
Julita Formella: Storm -> Viva
Kate Bock: Milk -> Storm
Kesewa Aboah: Storm (still on their website) -> Viva
Kim Noorda back on the website of Viva
Lais Oliveira: Storm -> Models 1
Laura O'Grady: Select -> M+P
Leomie Anderson: Premier -> Tess
Liza Golden: Storm -> Milk (Curve division)
Lucy Evans: Select -> Wilhelmina
Luna Mira Alldinger now also @ The Hive
Manon Leloup: Storm -> The Squad
Mariacarla Boscono now also @ Elite
Marie-Ange Casta: IMG -> Models 1
Marte Mei van Haaster: IMG -> Viva
Mathilde Frachon: IMG -> M+P
Melissa Tammerijn: Next -> Wilhelmina
Naomi Campbell: Tess -> The Squad
Nina Agdal: Elite -> IMG

Nimue Smit: Next -> Select
Paige Reifler: Storm -> Tess
Rachel Roberts: Next -> Models 1
Rina Fukushi now also @ Premier
Romee Strijd: Viva -> IMG
Rose Daniels now also  @ Viva
Rosie Tupper: Next -> IMG
Ruby Aldridge: Next -> IMG

Sasha Luss: Premier -> IMG
Sofia Mechetner now also  @ Viva
Sophia Skloss: Premier -> The Hive
Tali Lennox: Next -> IMG
Thairine Garcia: Next -> Premier
Yumi Lambert: The Squad -> IMG
Zlata Semenko: Premier -> Established
Zuri Tibby: Storm -> IMG

Abby Hendershot now also @ Why Not
Alessandra Ambrosio now also @ IMG
Alina Baikova: Next -> The Lab
Amalie Moosgaard: Next -> Women
Anne-Marie van Dijk back @ Women
Anne-Sophie Monrad: Next -> Brave
Britt Maren: Women -> Brave
Camille Rowe now also @ The Lab
Chiara Baschetti: Pop -> Elite
Daisy Lowe now also @ D'Mgmt
Daria Pleggenkuhle: D'Mgmt -> Brave
Dilone now also  @ D'Mgmt
Elisa Sednaoui: D'Mgmt -> Elite
Elizabeth Davison: Why Not -> Special -> MP
Elizabeth Moore: Major (still on their website) -> Next
Elodia Prieto: D'Mgmt -> The Lab
Elza Luizendijk back on the website of IMG
Erin Wasson: IMG -> Elite
Ewa Wladymiruk: Women -> Special
Flo Dron: Monster -> Why Not
Hana Soukupova: IMG -> Why Not
Heloise Giraud now also @ Why Not
Ina Marinbo Jensen now also  @Women
Isabeli Fontana: Women -> Elite
Izabel Goulart: Women -> Elite
Jessica Hart: Women -> Monster
Jourdana Philipps now also  @ Women
Juliane Grüner now also  @ Women
Lais Ribeiro: Elite -> Monster
Laura O'Grady now also @ Fashion
Lea T: Women -> Elite
Leila Nda: Fashion -> D'Mgmt
Ling Liu: Women -> Monster
Lisa Verberght: Women -> Women Direct
Luna Mira Alldinger: Women -> Monster
Mariacarla Boscono: Women -> Elite
Marie-Ange Casta: IMG -> D'Mgmt
Marina Nery: Elite -> IMG
Meghan Collison: Next -> D'Mgmt
Nasta Kusakina: Women -> The Fabbrica
Nathalia Oliveira: Elite -> Next

Olga Maliouk now @ The Lab
Ria Serebryakova: Why Not -> Monster
Sofia Fanego: Next -> Brave
Sophie Fisher now also @ Pop
Tyg Davison: Special -> MP
Wallette Watson now also @ Women



2016 Index here

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